Keynote Speakers

Professor Emilio Sacristán

UAM-Iztapalapa, México

Do you want to innovate?

Dr. Sacristán presents several reflections on what innovation is, how it arises, and how it is deployed and implemented. The talk may be of interest to a general public, but it is directed towards a new generation of young inventors and innovators. Framed with examples and anecdotes from his own experiences, Professor Sacristán presents 5 golden rules to successfully innovate (some of which go against conventional wisdom).

About Professor Sacristán

Professor Sacristán is a well-known Mexican researcher, inventor and entrepreneur in the field of medical technology. He has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is Professor and Director of the National Center for Research in Imaging and Medical Instrumentation of the UAM-Iztapalapa. He is the author of more than 22 international patents and founder of 7 technology-based companies. He is a National Level III researcher and the 2017 National Science Award recipient.